Q: How can I get notified about new dates?

A: Click here to subscribe to email list.

Q: Is there an age limit for the kids?

A:  For our new FRIDAY TOTS, kids must be 6 months (able to sit without support) up to 3 years old. For our Saturday and Sunday sessions from 6 months, also able to sit without support, up to teenagers.

Q: Can i have a picture taken of my family, including parents? 

A: Unfortunately not at this time. This project is intended for kids only.

Q: I have two (or more) kids, how many sessions should I book?

A: You should book one for each. Use code TPP18 when purchasing for siblings for a 10% discount.

Q: Are all images individual or is it possible to take pictures of siblings together?

A: Yes, we can do double or group photos of siblings, just make sure you book 2 or more slots at the same hour. Example: 10am A, 10am B and 10am C.

Q: How many images do I get? Do I select the images to keep?

A: Three images are included with the purchase of a session. You may purchase extra images for $35 each. They are high resolution images delivered via website link. You will select them right after shooting time.

Q: What to wear?

A: After purchasing a session, you will get an email with ideas on what to wear.

Q: How should I prep my kid's hair?

A: We will have a hair stylist on set. We ask for parents not to give children a fresh hair cut right before the shoot. If you must give your child a hair cut, please make sure you do it at least two weeks before the date. If your child has long hair, it is best that they come with their hair down avoiding marks of braids or pony tails.

Q: What is the return policy?

A: We do not have a return policy nor exchange policy for time/slot right now. If unable to come to the shoot, you may gift it to someone else. We kindly ask you that you notify us about any changes.